Tanja Jovanovic

Tanja Jovanovic

Tanja Jovanovic


Faculty Profile

Research Interests

My research focuses on translational fear conditioning paradigms in patients with trauma-related disorders, using startle response as well as other psychophysiological and neuroimaging measures. My interests are in the association between genetic risk factors and psychopathology, with a focus on neurobiology, including fear-potentiated startle and brain function, with a focus on impaired inhibition processes. A central tenet of my research program is urban trauma in high-risk low income populations, and the intergenerational transmission of environmental and genetic risk factors on the developing brain.


Trauma-related disorders; PTSD, anxiety, depression




fMRI, psychophysiology; fear-potentiated startle response.

Key Collaborators

Arash Javanbakht, M.D., Hilary Marusak, Ph.D., Christine Rabinak, Ph.D., Steve Ondersma, Ph.D., Kerry Ressler, Ph.D. (Harvard), Nicole Nugent, Ph.D. (Brown), Jennifer Stevens, Vasiliki Michopoulos, Barbara Rothbaum and Alicia Smith (Emory)


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