Sokol Todi

Sokol Todi

Professor and Chair of Pharmacology

Sokol Todi

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Research Interests

 My laboratory investigates molecular processes that cause age-dependent neurodegeneration in various diseases. We seek to utilize this information to protect the nervous system from inherited mutant proteins that accumulate over time and lead to cell death.

Area of Expertise is in Neurodegeneration, Protein Quality Control and Genetics


Spinocerebellar Ataxias, Kennedy’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s


Drosophila melanogaster, mammalian cell culture, post-mortem rodent and human tissue


Genetics, protein biochemistry, in vitro biochemistry reactions, fly and cell imaging, some electropnhysiology

Key Collaborators

R. J. Wessells (WSU), Aloke Dutta (WSU), Peter LeWitt (WSU), Andrew Lieberman (U Mich), Carmo Costa (U Mich), Diane Merry (Thomas Jefferson Univ.)


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