Sandra Jacobson

Sandra Jacobson

Sandra Jacobson


Child Development

Research Interests

Studying the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol, cocaine, smoking and environmental contaminants (PCBs, mercury, lead) on infant and child development, using state-of-the-art neurobehavioral and neuroimaging outcome measures.


Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), alcohol abuse and dependence in pregnant women and adolescents.




Eyeblink conditioning, fMRI, sMRI, DTI, infant and child neuropsychological assessment (standardized and nonstandardized tests) and alcohol and drug ascertainment and dependence.

Key Collaborators

Joseph L. Jacobson (all studies), Mark Stanton (EBC), Christopher Molteno and Ernesta Meintjes (Cape Town fMRI and neurobehavioral studies), Gina Muckle (Inuit studies), Cynthia Bearer (meconium), Tim Oberlander and Joanne Weinberg (cortisol and pain reactivity), Charles Nelson (ERP).


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