Publication of 2 first author papers by TNP Student John France

Congratulations to TNP student John France, who had 2 first author papers published last month! John is being mentored by Dr. Tanja Jovanovic.  We are all very proud of you!”

  • France JM, Reda M, Marusak HA, Riser M, Wiltshire CW, Davie W, Grasser LR, Wanna CP, Stenson AF, Ely TD, Norrholm SD, Stevens JS, Jovanovic T. Anxiety, Fear Load, and Threat-Related Amygdala Reactivity in Children Exposed to Urban Trauma. Journal of Experimental Psychopathology. In press
  • McClellan France J, Jovanovic T. (2023). Human Fear Neurobiology Reimagined: Can Brain-derived Biotypes Predict Fear-based Disorders After Trauma? Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 144:104988.

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