Justin Kenney

Justin Kenney

Assistant Professor


Justin Kenney

Office Address

 Biological Sciences Building, 2117


 Biological Sciences


2014 - 2018 - Postdoctoral Fellow, Program in Neuroscience and Mental Health, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

2010 - 2014 - Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

2005 - 2010 - PhD (Psychology/Neuroscience), Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

1999 - 2003 - BS (Physics) & BA (Philosophy), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

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Research Interests

Individual differences in behavior



Light-sheet microscopy

Whole-brain imaging

Network analysis


Select recent publications

Rajput N, Parikh K, Kenney JW (2022) Beyond bold versus shy: Zebrafish exploratory behavior falls into several behavioral clusters and is influenced by strain and sex. Biology Open: bio059443

Kenney JW, Steadman PE, Young O, Shi MT, Polanco M, Dubaishi S, Covert K, Mueller T, Frankland PW. A 3D adult zebrafish brain atlas (AZBA) for the digital age. Elife. 2021:e69988.

Kenney, J. W., Scott, I. C., Josselyn, S. A., & Frankland, P. W. (2017). Contextual fear conditioning in zebrafish. Learning & Memory, 24(10), 516-523.

Vetere, G*., Kenney, J. W*., Tran, L. M., Xia, F., Steadman, P. E., Parkinson, J., Josselyn, S. A. & Frankland, P. W. (2017). Chemogenetic interrogation of a brain-wide fear memory network in mice. Neuron, 94(2), 363-374. *Co-authors

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