Donald Kuhn

Donald Kuhn

Donald Kuhn


Molecular Neurobiology

Research Interests

We are interested in the role of non-neuronal cells in contributing to brain damage caused by drugs, disease and injury. We are also interested in the physiological and neurochemical roles played serotonin as determined through studies with a knockout mouse lacking brain serotonin (i.e., TPH2 knockout).


Traumatic brain injury, parkinson's disease, depression and OCD.


Mice, brain tissue and bacteria.


Neurochemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, transgenic and knockout mouse models of CNS diseases.

Key Collaborators

Mariana Angoa-Perez, Michael Kane, David M. Thomas, Christian W. Kreipke, Alana Conti, Matthew Galloway, Shane Perrine.


 PubMed Search (past 5 years).

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