Paula Dore-Duffy

Paula Dore-Duffy

Paula Dore-Duffy


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Research Interests

The role of the microvascular pericyte in vascular function and CNS vascular diseases. The pericyte is an integral member of the blood brain barrier and neurovascular unit. As such it functions as a regulator cell and is involved in regulation of focal capillary blood flow, angiogenesis, inflammation and is now known to be a source of adult stem cells. Ongoing studies include investigation of pericytes in stem cell therapeutic paradigms in EAE and Traumatic brain injury.


Multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and stroke


Rats and mice.


Immune based techniques, cell culture, molecular biology, protein chemistry, FACs analysis, imaging and translational research.

Key Collaborators

Alexander Gow, Jose Rafols, Christian Kreipke, William Brusilow and Richard Needleman, and outside the University Joseph Lamanna and Robert Miller at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland and Richard Milner at Scripps Research Institute and Gregory del Zoppo at the University of Washington in Seattle.


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